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Long Term Care at Geer Nursing

Our skilled care nursing facility was designed to allow us to provide each patient with the appropriate balance of professional services and personal attention:  Some of our residents are frail or otherwise impaired and require individualized care, others are active and need to be encouraged to do as much as they can.  So, in keeping with our philosophy, we ensure our residents are involved, as much as they are able, in the activities here at Geer, whether they be in the Nursing Center, elsewhere on our Campus, or in the surrounding communities.

Special Care for the Memory Impaired

We have a special Unit here at Geer Nursing, devoted solely to meeting the needs of those residents with Alzheimer's, or any other debilitating mental impairment.  With a secure environment and an increased staff size we can give our residents the extra time and consideration they require.

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy
at Geer Rehabilitation

Geer has been offering comprehensive Rehabilitation Services on both an Inpatient and Outpatient basis for over 25 years.  We also have all the necessary skills and equipment  to help you improve your Daily Living Activities (ADL).

Our Physical Therapy staff can provide treatments for the following (but not limited to...):

  • orthopedic issues
  • neurological disorders
  • respiratory illnesses
  • pain management

We work in concert with your physician to tailor the prescribed treatments to your needs.  One of the great benefits you get by having the Geer Team's many disciplines so readily available, is that Rehab will work with the Nursing, Therapeutic Recreation, and Social Services departments to help you become as independent as possible.

Our Occupational Therapy  staff can accommodate patients with physical, emotional, cognitive, and developmental deficits.  An in depth assessment of the condition, and the patients personal goals for improvement, will be evaluated by our professional staff, and that will become the basis for their personalized treatment program.

Also on board is Geer's Speech Pathologist Therapist  who works closely with patients to improve difficulties with speaking, hearing, and swallowing.  They also help our patients overcome problems with language comprehension, memory retention, and other cognitive difficulties.


In Patient Short Term Rehabilitation

Many of our residents are here for a short stay in order to receive rehabilitation treatment after being hospitalized.  Our rehab center can provide for Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies.  If you need to continue any intravenous treatments after your hospital stay, our team of certified IV nurses could facilitate that for you.

For more information about Geer's Short-Term Rehabilitation, please contact Lynnea McLane at 860-824-3800.

Hospice Care at Geer Nursing

Hospice is a concept of health care that provides for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those living with a life-limiting illness.  It is there to support the families as well.  The goal of hospice is to ease a patient's passage from life by alleviating pain and controlling symptoms.   Hospice care is a choice a patient can make; patients may choose to withdraw from the hospice plan of care at any time to seek other medical treatments.  Many hospice patients are covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

Geer Nursing and Rehabilitation Center understands these issues and is available to assist in determining eligibility and coordinating care through trained hospice caregivers.  Hospice care can be provided at home, in the hospital or at Geer Nursing.