Adult Day Center update

Adult Day Center update

July 1, 2020

The Geer Village Adult Day Center has been an important part of the continuum of care that Geer provides since 1978. It is also one program at Geer that has been the hardest hit by the crisis created because of the Covid-19 virus. Geer’s Adult Day Center has been closed since March 16th and at this time, we anticipate this will continue at least through August.

We have hired an Architectural Firm, Amenta/Emma, to conduct a re-opening assessment and planning service of all Geer’s facilities and provide a report on how each space can be adapted to conform with new CDC and state government regulations around spacing, social distancing, and cleaning. We are also working with national and state agencies that oversee and fund Adult Day Centers to create a plan on how best to serve our participants in the safest way possible in the future.

The nature of Adult Day Centers is that very intimate care is provided and in combination with participants that have a greater potential for exposure, and it creates a very fragile environment. This is very challenging because this is a highly susceptible population that goes home in the evenings and we do not know what they may be exposed to when in the community.

Within our program and space configuration there is limited ability to provide social distancing for participants without significantly reducing the numbers served. As well, many of the individuals have dementia related illnesses which may reduce their ability to understand and follow social distancing and hygiene instructions.

As you can imagine the health and safety of our participants and staff are our highest priority as we work to find a way through this pandemic. Our staff has done an outstanding job at infection control at our Nursing Center and Assisted Living Facility. Our goal is to continue that trend while finding a way to allow residents and participants to become more connected again.

We expect our evaluations and assessments to take through the month of July and hope to have a plan sometime in August.
If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions feel free to contact Kevin O’Connell, CEO at (860) 824-3868 or


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