COVID-19 Donations

How you can help!

Thank You to all the have responded to our appeal for help!
So far so good, as of today 4/20/2020 Geer is relieved that we can still report no cases of Covid-19 on campus. We continue to aggressively combat the COVID-19 virus and preventing its transmission onto the Geer campus.  We are doing everything possible to keep our residents and staff safe.
Thank you for your help and support!
All healthcare providers need Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
You hear it all over ‘PPE’ – it means Geer needs the proper equipment to protect our staff and your loved ones from spreading the virus, should it make its way on campus.

We are attempting to get supplies through our vendors, government access and corporate donations. All providers are struggling to maintain their inventory.

If you would like to help in this fight; please consider donating any personal protective equipment, or PPE, you may have to a local nursing home or hospital.

Supplies needed:
  • surgical or N95 masks
  • isolation gowns
  • nitrile or vinyl gloves (no latex, please)
  • medical face shields
  • alcohol wipes
  • Oxivir disinfectant
  • bleach
  • empty spray bottles

To make a donation of PPE directly to Geer please contact Lynn Miller at (860) 824-2636 or

Other ways you can help:

Technology – Donate an iPad or tablet or make a donation so we can purchase more. We use them to let families Facetime. Currently we have a small inventory and it limits how many can participate at a time.

Activities – Donate small gifts of stationary and writing material, games, puzzles, large print reading material, books, DVDs, etc. – anything to help a senior pass the time and feel connected to the larger world.

Communications – A drawing or handwritten letter of encouragement to Residents and even staff would be appreciated. Pen pals and facetime friends would be wonderful!

Please contact Jill Simmons at (860) 824-3831 or to make a donation for Technology, Activities or Communications.

Please Keep In Touch!
Help Us Fight COVID-19 Make A Donation

For more information, contact Stacie Nicholas, Development Director at (860) 824-2618 or email

Donate now and funds will be used to support the purchase of PPE, as well as provide staff with morale boosters, resident assistance and staff assistance with emergency needs due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Of course, no one knows what the future will bring – we are literally taking it one day at a time!

We now work very differently than we did before Covid-19.

  • Deliveries consume a larger amount of our time, because no one can come into our buildings we must retrieve deliveries from the outside and deliver every package or piece of mail ourselves.
  • Staff that can work from home are encouraged to do so, but that is a very small percentage of our workforce. Fortunately, we just installed a new phone system that allows for conference calling, video calling and webinars etc.
  • Technology has become vital to keep families and their loved ones connected, but our residents are not always comfortable with technology. So, it takes a great deal of one on one staff interaction in order to facilitate Facetime and phone calls for each of our 200+ Residents.
  • We must continually monitor and respond to the ever-changing guidance from the state and federal government. We are proceeding as proactively as we can. Sometimes this is daily – in the beginning it was hourly!

Things we took for granted before we now realize are precious commodities – visiting with each other, making personal connections, having a cup of coffee and chatting.

Protecting Geer Village Senior Community

What does a global pandemic mean to Geer?

Geer is aggressively implementing procedures to combat the COVID-19 virus and prevent its transmission onto the Geer campus. We began screening visitors on March 8th and we have been closed to visitors at Geer Nursing since March 9th and on the campus since March 16th. We are doing everything possible to prevent the virus from affecting our residents and employees.

We have one collective goal now and that is to keep the COVID-19 virus out of Geer.  The following are some of the key procedural changes we are implementing (this list will change as needed): 

  • A minimum of daily health screening of staff, including temperature checks
  • Restricting or limiting access to staff that work for other healthcare organizations
  • Restricting staff from traveling between our own buildings
  • At the Geer Nursing Facility staff are restricted from traveling between floors.
  • Dial-A-Ride drivers are not allowed to enter any building and have limited contact with riders
  • Staff are required to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) per CDC guidelines and Geer’s infection control policies
  • No group activities.