Covid-19 Update 11/13/2020

Covid-19 Update 11/13/2020

We hope this finds you safe and healthy.

We’d like to provide a brief COVID-19 update and have an additional post with visitation policies for the upcoming holidays.

Our testing results for last week indicated no new cases of the virus within our resident population at either facility.  Our regular Geer staff test results from both buildings also came back negative for last week.  Unfortunately, we have one agency staff member at the assisted living facility that tested positive for COVID-19.  (Geer uses temporary staff from outside agencies to help with the many additional care needs on campus during this pandemic.)

We do not believe this agency staff member exposed anyone else to the virus, however, we are taking every precaution to test, contact trace, and identify anyone that may have been exposed.  Additional testing has been completed for all staff and residents this week and we anticipate having those test results back early next week.

  Cumulative positive cases New positive cases this week Total deaths Individuals    recovered
Residents 35 0 6 29
Staff 15 1 0 14

Of course, as soon as we have more details to share, we will send out another update.  If we discover any new positive test results, we will reach out to those individuals and their family immediately.  If we can go through fourteen days (three test cycles) with no new cases, we will ask the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) to declare the outbreak ended at The Lodge.

We all look forward to the day when we can say we are COVID-19 free at The Lodge, but we need to understand that the danger will persist beyond any all-clear notice.

Please visit the DPH Coronavirus response website and review the level of exposure and risk in Litchfield county  Clearly, Connecticut is struggling just like the rest of the country.  The risk to the seniors we care for is undeniable and clear.  While younger, healthier people will recover from the virus, our seniors at Geer are at much greater risk.

The key to helping us keep them safe is to follow all precautions recommended by DPH and the CDC.  The holidays are an especially dangerous time because we all have a great desire to gather with family.  We cannot tell your family what is best for you, but we can make recommendations.  Please visit the following website and learn how you can enjoy a safe holiday season.

If you have any questions unrelated to visitation you may contact Geer’s Infection Preventionist, Melissa Foley, at 860-824-3861 or e-mail us at


Kevin O’Connell, MBA, PT     CEO, Geer Village Senior Community – 860-824-3868

Cady Bloodgood, RN               Director of Nursing, Geer Nursing and Rehab Center – 860-824-3825

Melissa Foley, RN                   Infection Preventionist – 860-824-3861

Sherry Schoonmaker, RN       Executive Director, The Lodge – 860-824-2639

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