Geer Covid Frequently Asked Questions

Geer Covid Frequently Asked Questions

Recently, Charlie Page, RPh Pharm D, Geer’s Pharmacist prepared Fact Sheet to help educate Geer staff about the vaccine. It might be helpful to anyone else researching the vaccine.

COVID-19 FACT SHEET 12-14-20

We understand how important it is for everyone to be informed regarding the details of the Covid-19 cases at Geer. We are committed to provide timely, accurate and transparent information.

We have created the attached list of Frequently Asked Questions, based on what families, residents and staff have asked us. We will continue to update this, so check back.

If you have questions that you would like answered, especially if you think they are something that others would benefit from learning about, please reach out to me Stacie Nicholas at

If you have specific questions about a loved one that lives at Geer please contact our staff:

Lodge Assisted Living, Executive Director – Sherry Schoonmaker at (860) 824-2639 or

Nursing Center, Director of Nursing – Cady Bloodgood at (860) 824­3825 or


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