Geer Lodge Covid Notice 9-23-2022

Geer Lodge Covid Notice 9-23-2022

Today we must report that one assisted living resident has tested positive for Covid-19 at Geer Lodge. This resident will remain under isolation precautions for 10 days. We are conducting contact tracing and testing all staff and residents that have potentially had contact with this resident. All residents at Geer Lodge are fully vaccinated, including boosters and remain asymptomatic, at this time.  We will test all staff and residents, as appropriate for a 14-day period or until we are confident there are no new cases.

If your loved one tests positive, we will notify you immediately and provide guidance regarding treatment options. Again, all residents are 100% fully vaccinated. If an individual does become ill we would expect their symptoms to be less severe and they should recover quickly.

We will not be restricting visitation but if for any reason you do not feel well or have had contact with anyone that has not felt well, please do not visit your loved one. The next round of booster shots will be available over the next few weeks and we will provide more information as it becomes available.

All staff and residents will be monitored closely. We will continue to send regular updates as changes occur.  Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to keep our residents safe.

Kevin O’Connell, Chief Executive Officer

(O) 860-824-2639

(C) 317-910-1795

September 23, 2022 News