Geer Village Senior Community Supports McCall Center for Behavioral Health!

Geer knows to truly be healthy requires a holistic approach.  Although we don’t specialize in behavioral healthcare we understand its importance.

The Foundation for Community Health conducted a needs assessment and found a lack of behavioral health services in the far reaches of the northwest corner.  McCall’s indicated that they would need a partner and location to host them while they got started.  Kevin O’Connell, CEO of Geer, stepped in and offered the Geer campus as a host site.  For the past two years Geer has been providing space in the lower level of our Adult Day Center for McCall’s to use for individual and group sessions.

Maria Skinner, Executive Director of McCall’s Behavioral Health says “It really is the most special relationship. Geer rolled out the red carpet – from the licensing requirements to providing space at no cost and even sharing the cost to make the space private.  The whole Geer community has opened their minds, hearts and facilities to welcome McCall’s into their arms.”

“Everyone always talks about partnering but this collaboration is a true community partnership.  Geer truly believes in holistic healthcare. Addiction and mental health don’t discriminate – these services benefit our children, our friends, our neighbors and our family members that are struggling.  People are finding recovery!”

May 21, 2018 Articles