Pharmacy at Geer Update

Pharmacy at Geer Update

February 17, 2023

To Geer Residents and Healthcare Partners,

It’s really happening! We’ve been working behind the scenes to move this along and now it is all coming together! We anticipate the Hancock Pharmacy at Geer Village will begin opening in March 2023.

Milestones so far:

  • The State of CT has granted the license and it includes being able to open to the public!
  • Hancock has hired their staff!
  • New computer and security equipment is installed.
  • The Drug Enforcement Agency inspection is completed.
  • Established longer operating hours: Monday – Friday 8 am to 6 pm.

Next up:

  • Ordering the drugs and stocking the pharmacy.
  • Applying to insurance companies so they can bill directly from the Geer location.
    • This will take 4-8 weeks depending on the company and will allow the Pharmacy to serve the public from the Geer location.
    • As they wait for insurance approvals, Hancock will continue to serve all Geer residents seamlessly – either from their onsite location or from their off-site location and deliver to the campus daily.

Down the road:

  • Delivery service will be available to the general public
  • Medical equipment sales (wheelchairs, walkers, etc.)

Thank you for your trust and we will share more news with you as things progress.

Kevin O’Connell, CEO

February 21, 2023 News