Updated Family Visitation Policy

Updated Family Visitation Policy

June 12, 2020

Geer Campus Visitation Update

We have received some updated guidance from the State of Connecticut that allows us to begin supervised outdoor visits between residents and their loved ones. Before I review the specifics of this new policy, I feel compelled to explain how these rules were developed and who monitors these new policies in every senior community in Connecticut.

Geer Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, (the nursing home), operates under the regulatory oversite of Connecticut’s Department of Public Health (DPH). The Lodge at Geer Village, (assisted and independent living), follows similar guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), DPH and our state professional associations, (LeadingAge and Connecticut Association of Health Care Facilities/Connecticut Center for Assisted Living (CAHCF/CCAL). Senior care communities in Connecticut are highly regulated with very strict infection control protocols, especially during this national health crisis involving the coronavirus. Geer management has very little flexibility in how we enforce these protocols. The current visitor restrictions and testing of staff and residents are being implemented by the Governor’s executive order. We ask that you abide by these restrictions and work closely with us to ensure the safety of our seniors living on the Geer campus. We know how hard this is for our residents, families, and staff. We appreciate your understanding and support. Please reach out to us if you have questions.

Interim Policy Related to the Current Health Emergency COVID -19 The purpose of this policy is to promote safe opportunities for Geer Lodge and Geer Nursing residents and their families when visiting:
•There should be no unplanned visits to the Geer campus. Anyone entering the Geer campus should call in advance to schedule a visit time or drop off time. All resident visits at The Lodge should be scheduled through The Lodge Recreation Department by calling Tina McGarry, Recreation Manager, at 860-824-2608, or by emailing tmcgarry@geercares.org.
•Visitors for the nursing home should contact Jill Simmons, Recreation Director, at 860-824-3831 or by emailing jasimmons@geercares.org
•Resident visits are limited to 30 minutes per visit. Geer will try to accommodate multiple visits per week if the schedule permits and only after all residents have enjoyed at least one 30-minute visit per week
•All “perimeter visits” (window visits and outdoor social distancing visits) will be planned by Geer Lodge staff with guidelines for safety, including staff supervision. It is imperative that we prevent unintended breaches of unauthorized visitors and maintain a minimum six-foot distance apart
•No “perimeter visits” after sundown or during inclement weather
•No animals are permitted at this time

Outdoor Social Distancing Visits:
•There will be a limit of two visitors per visit
•All visitors MUST wear a facemask that fully covers nose, mouth and preform hand hygiene prior to approaching visit area
•Visitors must be screened by Geer staff for symptoms of Covid before approaching the visit site. If any symptoms are present, visitation will be denied
•All children must wear a facemask and have adult supervision
•Pleas remember, social distancing means NO HUGGING, NO TOUCHING and you must remain six feet from one another. We want a positive experience for all concerned, but any breach of our infection control policies may result in termination of the visit
• Geer recognizes that those individuals with cognitive impairment and/or significant respiratory illnesses may have difficulties maintaining expectations of outdoor social distancing visits. Alternative visitation for these individuals may include virtual visits and window visits.

Geer Village Senior Community reserves the right to terminate any visitation session that appears to, or has the potential for, compromising the safety of any resident. The health and safety of your loved one is our top priority. Please always support and abide by our infection control policies during your visits.

Window visits:
•Must be scheduled in advance
•Windows must remain closed at all times
•Visitor should bring a communication device (phone, iPad, etc.) and be sure to coordinate needs with Geer staff during call to schedule visit
•Geer staff will properly sanitize area and devices after each use
If you have any questions you may contact Geer’s Infection Preventionist Melissa Foley at 860-824-3861 or e-mail us at coronavirusquestions@geercares.org.


Kevin O’Connell, CEO for Geer Village Senior Community – 860-824-3868
Cady Bloodgood, RN, Director of Nursing at Geer Nursing and Rehabilitation Center – 860-824-3825
Melissa Foley, RN, Infection Preventionist – 860-824-3861
Sherry Schoonmaker, RN, Director of Resident Care at The Lodge -860-824-2639

2020-06-12 Family Letter-Visitation Policy

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