We Need Your Support!

It truly takes a village to serve a community well!

You may have heard that the Town of North Canaan’s Tax Assessor was challenging Geer’s not for profit tax status.  Recently, North Canaan’s Board of Assessment Appeals approved most of Geer’s appeals allowing Geer to continue its long-standing tax-exempt status and its mission as a charitable organization.

Last week Geer Village Senior Community and North Canaan announced a renewed commitment to work together for the benefit of area residents.

We want to recognize the continued benefit this decision will have for both Geer and the Town of North Canaan. Both parties have expressed a strong desire to work closely together.  Geer is a part of this community and wants to contribute to North Canaan’s long-term financial health, as much as the Town of North Canaan wants to support Geer for the benefit of all the area residents, local businesses and the many residents that work at Geer.

The silver lining in all of this is that we have you!

Thank you to our thousands of supporters that signed our petition, made comments, attended meetings, and made their voices heard.  Without you this would have been a much more difficult challenge.  You gave us hope and the strength to endure and for that we are very grateful.

We want to take this opportunity to share with you a Community Impact Report that we have been preparing for some time.  It is our hope that by improving our communications we will continue to deserve your support.

Recent years have been increasingly turbulent and challenging for senior care providers.  Federal and State regulatory and budget decisions continue to test our strength and stamina.  As a mission-based, non-profit organization, we struggle more than the for-profit sector but we have preserved.

Although the outcome of our appeal was largely successful it came at a cost of $22,000 in attorney fees.  Unexpected expenses, like this, put weight on already strained day to day operations and these legal fees are on top of a $100,000 Medicaid rate reduction from the State of CT.

For Geer to remain strong, vibrant and able to serve all those that need us – we need your support !

We strive to care for all seniors and families that need us, including those that are most vulnerable, regardless of their ability to pay.  Please consider making a donation to keep Geer strong and accessible to all in need for years to come.

Kevin O’Connell, CEO

Please consider making a donation to keep Geer strong and accessible to all in need for years to come.