Winter Health for Seniors

Winter Health for Seniors

Staying healthy can be a challenge during this time of year, especially for seniors.  Avoid the winter blues and stay active by planning ahead.

Make healthy food choices. It is easy to become tempted by holiday treats and overindulge.  If you are going to a party have a light lunch or take a doggie bag so you can enjoy a little over time.

Stay hydrated. Senior citizens especially need to drink plenty of fluids, being dehydrated can lead to hospitalization.

Drink in moderation. Not only can drinking alcohol impair mobility, but it can also cause adverse effects with some medications.

Keep exercising. If the weather isn’t cooperating, try to find somewhere indoors that you can keep walking; a shopping mall, a school gymnasium, even just around the house.

Keep connected. Don’t skip bridge or the senior center just because it is cold. If the weather makes traveling unsafe then call and talk with friends to stay connected.

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