We hope this finds you all well!

Spring is always a time of rebirth and renewal, and never has that been more meaningful as it is now, in 2021.

Here at Geer Village Senior Community, we have been able to celebrate the beginning of spring with some easing of Covid-19 restrictions that have kept us isolated and restricted for the past 14 months.

We are grateful that our staff, residents, families and community at large have embraced the Covid-19 vaccine. Due to our high vaccination rate, we are confident that we can safely reopen many of our activities.

Although we may not be fully out of the woods, we can see the path forward and with strict adherence to proper infection control and continued vaccinations we are ready to put this chapter behind us.

Every crisis also brings opportunities, and we want to take some time to reflect on this pandemic and to call to mind all that we have learned.

Our latest updates to visitation can be found on our News & Events page.

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Perspectives and Positive Outcomes from the Pandemic.

Some sentiments from our residents and staff:

  • Our residents get a lot of deliveries!
  • We are way more resilient than we ever thought
  • We really are better together
  • Every day, but especially in crisis – Clear and consistent communication is vital!
  • Our families are phenomenal, their support meant the world to us.
  • Technology can be useful, but it isn’t a replacement for being together.

Protecting Geer Village Senior Community

The Covid-19 pandemic may have slowed us down, but it certainly hasn’t stopped us!

The senior care community has been hit especially hard by this pandemic, but Geer has been rather fortunate. We lasted until October 2020 until we had our first case of Covid-19 among our residents. We had a spell of cases for about 6 weeks last fall but have been Covid- free at the Lodge ever since.

We completed our Vaccination Program in late January and are thrilled that close to 90% of our campus staff, care partners and residents have participated. We even had a party to celebrate!