Caring For Seniors at All Stages of Aging

Geer is dedicated to caring for seniors at all stages of aging. Sometimes that means supporting those facing the end of their lives and supporting their families as well.

For more than four decades Geer has provided end-of-life care. We offer spacious, quiet, private rooms so that patients can be with their families and friends in a comfortable space.

Our staff attends not only to the physical and emotional needs of patients in their last months, weeks or days, but we also take them into our hearts with love.

“It’s not just the caring, it’s the sincerity of the caring. That’s what people feel here.”

Our residents feel well cared for and right at home. Families take comfort in knowing that their loved ones are getting the care they need, at the level they need it, around the clock. This is Geer Village’s mission and we live it every day, as we have for over 45 years.

Our skilled, compassionate nursing staff is on-site around the clock and an emergency call system connects you to the staff at all times. We are tuned in to the needs of our residents. We are not just caregivers – we’re friends. We treat you like our own parents and grandparents.

“We had the pleasure of witnessing a group of people who were extremely dedicated and passionate about their job and always ensured that each patient there was loved and taken care of”

The Carley Family

At Geer Village Senior Community, everything we do focuses on holistic senior living. We offer a place where one can age in a supportive environment, thriving at all stages of life.