Skilled Senior Nursing

Skilled Nursing

Comfort and Caring, Hand-in-Hand

Geer’s Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center facility provides each patient with an appropriate balance of professional services and personal attention. Our objective is to make each person as comfortable as possible. Preferences and tastes vary—and we pay attention to that.

Some residents are frail or otherwise impaired; others are active and need to be encouraged to do as much as they can. We strive to engage our residents, as much as they are able, in Geer’s activities on campus or in the surrounding communities.

A Safe Environment

Clinical care is directed by Geer’s Medical Director or the resident’s own physician. Geer residents receive care from an APRN, RN, LPN, CNA, Registered Dietitian and Social Service professionals.

Experienced dietary, housekeeping, maintenance and administrative staff work hard to see that Geer is a pleasant, well kept and hospitable home.

Private room rental fee is $514 per day, and a semi-private room is $438 per day.

  • Long term resident care
  • Short term inpatient rehabilitation
  • 120 beds
  • Cheerful dining room, quality food service
  • Three season room, outdoor patio, several common areas

  • Professional staff, exceptionally low turnover
  • Familiarity and consistency is helpful in creating a sense of home
  • Recreational activities for different ability levels
  • Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance accepted

Call (860) 824-3800 to learn more.


  • Services for physical, emotional and medical needs
  • Secure environment
  • Increased staffing levels and a dedicated therapeutic recreation director

Clinical care is coordinated by an experienced medical staff who are board certified in geriatric care as well as internal medicine.


  • A comprehensive program to help focus on each resident’s highest level of function
  • Extensive treatments – from stroke to knee and hip replacement
  • Specialized treatment for orthopedic issues, neurological issues, pulmonary illnesses, pain management and cardiac care


  • A comprehensive program to focus on each resident’s physical, emotional and developmental issues, as well as cognition.


  • A specialized program to assist in restoring a resident’s abilities in speaking, hearing and swallowing
  • Therapeutic intervention to enable residents to overcome problems with language, comprehension, memory retention and other cognitive difficulties


  • Services may be provided on campus in coordination with local VNAs
  • Geer provides a spacious private room, specifically designed for the hospice patient, family and friends
  • Additional professional support is offered for the residents’ physical and emotional comfort


  • Quick delivery of medications to residents
  • Free delivery on campus
  • Access to resident’s health profile
  • Experts in geriatric medication management and familiarity with local physicians
  • Over-the-counter medications / medication counseling

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