Staff Special – Geer Rocks!

During this challenging time, it’s so important to remember how vitally important and dedicated our staff is at Geer Senior Living Community.
Meet some of our excellent staff:

Chrissy Befanis

Wellness Rehab Project Manager

“I feel I was born an Occupational Therapist!” Says Chrissy Befanis Wellness Rehab Project Manager and Occupational Therapist at Geer. Chrissy aims to support Geer clients in achieving their highest level of function and credits Andrea Gamble and Kevin O’Connell for assisting in enhancing her career within the Wellness program at Geer.  “My goals as an OT align with the mission and values of Geer and the Wellness program represents exactly who I am.”

Jane Lindsay

Nurse’s Aide

For 10 years Jane Lindsay has brought her clinical talents, creativity, and humor to the residents of Geer Senior Community. As a Nurse’s Aide, she finds her work both challenging and very rewarding! Now during Covid, Jane is even more aware of how important it is to keep spirits up. “I enjoy any opportunity to inject some fun.  It’s satisfying to bring a smile to others in my work through humor, singing, and guitar playing.”

Marilyn Scaglione

Human Resources

Helping people, answering questions and solving problems is what lead Marilyn into a career in Human Resources.  “It’s definitely me!” she says.  Since starting her role this summer, Marilyn has been navigating the restrictions that Covid requires and has thrived on the opportunity to find new solutions to problems. She enjoys being in an environment where people are treated well.

Pamela Carlson


Pamela came to us from Sharon hospital and was able to enjoy the flexibility here at Geer so she could finish her education.  As a Certified Nurse’s Assistant “I am motivated by the residents, especially when they thank you and appreciates what you do.  It’s a good feeling”

Julia Wilson


Inspired by her experience with the Falls Village Ambulance service, Julia moved into a career as a Licensed Practical Nurse and has been making residents smile as a here at Geer for the last 14 years.  “I am someone who needs to help people. I feel useful when I can do that.  I am a caregiver!”

Tammy MacDonald

Recreation Manager at Geer Nursing

We can all thank young romance for inspiring Tammy MacDonald to apply to the CNA course in Canaan. Through the years, that commitment developed a marriage and a career for the current Geer Recreation Coordinator who has been making a difference in the lives of the people at Geer for 33 years. “I am a team player and am proud of the work we do!

Jennifer Ramaeka


When her children were very young it was Jennifer’s cousin who saw a passion in her and recommended, she go into the nursing field.  “That suggestion pointed me to a career filled with doing what I love to do! Helping people.”  Thankfully, Geer Lodge residents have benefited from that passion for almost 10 years and Jennifer continues to be grateful to be able to help and serve people who need help.

Olivia Corcoran


“Knowing my job makes a difference for residents even if it’s a small one” says Olivia who has her goals set on a career becoming a CNA. “I wanted to get my foot in the door, and this was a great atmosphere.” Olivias impact is no small thing. She maintains clean and sanitized spaces for both residents and co-workers, so they stay safe though these challenging times.

Gina Gates


“I wake up daily and feel blessed for good health and a great life,” says Gina Gates. As a Geer CNA for 17 years, she has found her work very rewarding, especially when she can bring smiles to a resident’s face. “I care about elderly people who need a lot of help in many ways. They become like family to me.”



At Geer Village Senior Community, everything we do focuses on holistic senior living. We offer a place where one can age in a supportive environment, thriving at all stages of life.