Success Spotlight: Joan’s Care Plan Story

Joan MacVicar

 I would absolutely recommend the therapy program to anyone and everyone. My advice is to define your own goals and work hard to achieve them.  

Over the last few years, I’ve unfortunately sustained several falls which led to painful injuries with broken bones. As a result of my most recent fall I had to learn how to use a back brace after surgery, and knew I needed help getting back on my feet—literally and figuratively. So, I participated in therapy at The Lodge to re-learn how to dress myself, shower myself, use the bathroom safely, and get in and out of my chair, even walk solo again!

I was helped by my OT Chrissy and her phenomenal and intelligent students. While some may not have been thrilled about the idea of students helping them regain mobility, they were incredible. They were so intent on finding out what was important to me and truly cared about what my goals were—listening attentively all the way.

Together, we came up with safe methods to perform my daily routine. The changes that we practiced made everything easier and safer, so that I could return to my life with confidence.

Currently, I’ve maintained all my mobility and all that we worked on—thanks to their patience, support, and care. I can now get into my closet and reach for what I need. I can use the shower on my own. I use the walker to get outside, sit in the courtyard, go to the dining room, and get my mail. But beyond that, I have not had any falls since completing my therapy program!

I would absolutely recommend the therapy program to anyone and everyone. My advice is to define your own goals and work hard to achieve them. But, as you work towards those goals, understand the importance of knowing when to ask for help. There were times when I needed support and I reached out to ask for it which made all the difference in my recovery. That’s the benefit of living at The Lodge.

So many things I had taken for granted were stripped away from me, but Chrissy and her OT students were able to help me regain my strength, and perhaps more importantly, my independence. Thank you, The Lodge Team!

Lead Therapist:

Dr. Chistina Befanis, OTD, OTR/L
Occupational Therapy Wellness Program Manager
(860) 824-2660

Dr. Christina Befanis earned her doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Quinnipiac University. Her doctoral capstone focused on health and wellness in retired adults. Currently, Christina is excited to be leading and developing the Wellness Program at Geer Village Senior Community, a prestigious retirement community.

She enjoys blending her clinical expertise, collaborative spirit, holistic perspective, and passion for students, while focusing on wellness, prevention, and preservation of independence.

Treatment Plan:

The goal of Joan’s therapy was to improve muscle strength, balance, and mobility to reduce falls risk, as well as regain independence in self-care daily routines.

Joan’s treatment plan consisted of:

  • muscle strength and balance training
  • functional reaching skills
  • safe use of the rolling walker
  • compensatory strategies to improve seated bathing and dressing
  • home management skills from standing level
  • using the walker in the community
  • return to independence within The Lodge with confidence

At Geer Village Senior Community, everything we do focuses on holistic senior living. We offer a place where one can age in a supportive environment, thriving at all stages of life.