Cyd Emmons

Cyd Emmons – Geer Board Member since 2021

Cyd is the founder, and principal of Cyd Emmons Associates, a corporate communications and public relations consultancy.  With over 40 years of experience, Cyd Emmons Associates served not-for-profit organizations and service businesses, primarily in health care and banking, until her retirement.

Experienced in strategic planning, Cyd has been instrumental in the development of effective fundraising materials, the conception and promotion of special events and exhibitions, executive statements, and the production of annual reports, newsletters, brochures, collateral, print ads, and web content.

With a B.A and M.A in theater, her other experience include assistant press secretary at Vassar College, theater teacher and dorm counselor at two preparatory schools and adjunct instructor at a state university, arts and lifestyle editor and “Living Well” columnist at The Lakeville Journal, program director of an Arts schools program.

A frequent winner of industry awards as well as two from the Connecticut League of Historical Societies, Cyd is also a former board member and secretary of the Salisbury Visiting Nurse Association and The Little Guild.

Cyd is retired and has been a resident of the Northwest Corner since 1979. Cyd joined the Geer Board in 2021 and currently serves as the Co-Chair of the Development/Communications committee.