Door-to-Door Service

Dial-A-Ride is a door-to-door service unique to the area. It is a separate service provided through Geer Village Senior Community for non-emergency medical appointments and is handicapped accessible.

This service is available Monday through Friday to individuals residing in the towns of Salisbury, Sharon, Cornwall, Canaan (Falls Village) and North Canaan. Pick ups are at each participant’s home.

Door-to-door transportation is available to doctor’s appointments, visits to veteran service offices, pharmacy, shopping, dental appointments, therapies, dialysis and other special treatments are included. Persons must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

This service is free of charge, however donations are always welcome.


transportation to medical appointments made

With just one call to Dial-a-Ride, we can make a medical appointment for you and drive you there and back.

Let us know when you or your loved one needs to visit a particular doctor or lab and we’ll do the rest.

We schedule the appointment, arrange the transportation and let you know when we’ll be picking you up. All the doctors, labs and hospitals in our area know us and we work together to make your visits easy.

We have a Certified Nursing Assistant on staff who can accompany you to your appointment – or even multiple appointments in one day.

Dial-a-Ride at Geer Senior Community


Dial-a-Ride Title VI Policy Statement

Dial-a-Ride is committed to ensuring that no person is excluded from participation, denied benefits, or otherwise subjected to discrimination under any program or activity, on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability or income level.

Any person who believes that he or she has been subjected to discrimination or retaliation based on their race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability or income level may file a Title VI complaint.

For more information about this policy and the complaint process call the office at (860) 824-7067.

Geer Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Plan

Download PDF

Download the LEP Plan


This Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Plan has been prepared to address Geer’s responsibilities as a recipient of federal financial assistance as they relate to the neeeds of individuals with limited English language skills. The plan has been prepared in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Federal Transit Administration Circular 4702. 1A dated May 13, 2007, which stat that no person shall be subjected to discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin.

Questions or comments regarding the LEP Plan may be submitted to Geer’s Title VI Coordinator, Kevin O’Connell at (860) 824-5137.

Put your trust in us.
For more details, or to schedule a ride: 860.824.7067