Non-profit vs. For-profit Senior Living Communities

Non-profit vs. For-profit Senior Living Communities

After researching and visiting a number of communities, perhaps they all start to look the same. How do you distinguish the subtle variances that can make a big difference in your choice?

One unique feature you should pay attention to is whether a community is non-profit or for-profit.

Non-profit organizations

  • Mission driven organizations
  • Oversight by a volunteer Board of Directors
  • Fees are charged to remain in business – any profits are reinvested back into the community
  • Are an integral part, volunteer and contribute to their town.
  • Have options for individuals that out-live their assets.

For-profit corporations

  • Beholden to their shareholders or to a corporate chain
  • Designed to turn a profit
  • Since it is easier to turn a profit when you have fewer expenses, for profit corporations may be understaffed, have less qualified staff or more part time staff.
  • If you change your mind you may have to give unreasonable notice or pay a penalty?
  • Often charge for care by the service or time and you spend more than you expected.
October 25, 2018 Articles