Occupational Therapy is good for sleep!

Occupational Therapy is good for sleep!

Occupational therapists use their knowledge of sleep physiology, sleep disorders, and evidence-based sleep promotion practices to evaluate and address the ramifications of sleep insufficiency on occupational performance and participation.

Interventions focus on promoting optimal sleep performance in clients of all ages, include:

  • Educating clients and caregivers on sleep misconceptions and expectations
  • Addressing secondary conditions that may precipitate diminished sleep quality (e.g., pain, decreased range of motion, depression, anxiety)
  • Encouraging health management behaviors such as smoking cessation, reduced caffeine intake, a balanced diet, and adequate exercise. • Establishing predictable routines, including regular times for waking and sleeping
  • Addressing performance deficits or barriers to activities of daily living, particularly for bed mobility and toileting
  • Establishing individualized sleep hygiene routines (e.g., habits and patterns to facilitate restorative sleep)
  • Teaching cognitive-behavioral and cognitive restructuring techniques
  • Increasing coping skills, stress management, and time management
  • Addressing sensory disorders and teaching self-management or caregiver management
  • Modifying the environment, including noise, light, temperature, bedding, and technology use while in bed

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